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The Carmel Apprentice Theatre – come play!   
The Carmel Apprentice Theatre draws together theatre veterans coming to play that role of a lifetime, with apprentices curious to perform for the first time in their life. Fearless artists and shy apprentices will perform alongside each other to create great theatre, great community and great fun. 

General Information

You don’t have to audition to be cast in our shows! Just register and you can be a part of our show*. At Evaluations, you will have the chance to show us what you can do, and tell us what you would like to do in the show.
Rehearsals will generally be three or four days a week. Some set, prop, and costume work days will be scheduled as well (likely Saturdays).

*Previously, Carmel Apprentice Theatre was a tuition-based program. However, thanks to a generous grant from the Carmel Arts Council, the tuition fee to participate in our productions has been eliminated! Thank you for helping us give community members more access to our programs!

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Up Next at The Carmel Apprentice Theatre

March 15 - 24, 2019


Leon Tolchinsky is ecstatic! He has landed the perfect teaching position in the idyllic Russian hamlet of Kulyenchikov. Once Leon settles in, he realizes that Kulyenchikov and its citizens aren't quite what he expected. But when he falls in love with his new student, Sophia, things become even more strange and complicated! Join Leon as he befriends the people of Kulyenchikov, rivals Sophia's long-time suitor, and attempts to marry the love of his life. Written by Neil Simon, Fools is a story that, through the foolishness of others, reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously!

March 15, 16, 22, 23 at 7:30 PM

March 17, 24 at 2:30 PM

Leon Tolchinsky --- Jon Hoch 
Snetsky --- Ivy Nugent 
Magistrate --- Dixie Oberlin 
Slovitch --- Robert Fimreite 
Mishkin --- Lillia Nugent 
Yenchna --- Heather Ardeel 
Pascha --- Stephanie Morton 
Dr. Zubritsky --- Ryan Shelton 
Lenya Zubritsky --- Debbie Coon
Sophia Zubritsky --- Hannah Smith 
Gregor Yousekevitch --- Jarrett Yates

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Artistic Leadership


Lisa Williams: Artistic Director

  Lisa Williams' background is in theatre and English, working primarily with youth productions at the elementary and middle school levels, including plays, musicals, and variety shows. Some favorites include Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and Sleeping Beauty. She is a founding member of the theatre group CYT Indy and currently serves on their Scholarship Board, but also served as Area Coordinator, Summer Camp Coordinator, Teacher, Show Chair, Parent Committee Chair, and Assistant Director on the production of A Secret Garden. She has her degree in English and Secondary Education from Hanover College and even edited textbooks for a short time!     


Artistic Team for Fools

Director: Nikki Lynch

Assistant Director: Becca Bartley
Producer: RC Thorne

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