"I think what you are doing is fantastic. This type of theater is long overdue in this area. Thank you!" 

Lynn L. Lupold

Red Boat Productions Company 

"I'm so very proud of what you are doing."


Jeff Farley

President, Footlite Musicals  


 "My experience with doing a show at the Cat was top-notch all the way.
The venue is positively unique and comfortable and a perfect fit for what I do ( whatever the heck that is:-))

The team at The Cat pays great attention to every detail and it is appreciated as it just makes the show that much better.

Can't wait for my next experience at what has become one of my favorite theaters of all time! "   

Dave Dugan




"Every once in a while, Holly and I enter a place and feel immediately at home. This happened last night at The Cat in Carmel. A true community theater, the staff is friendly, professional, and, most of all, encouraging. We are both absolutely in love with everyone here...Let me encourage you to check out their schedule and attend a show!! It's an amazing family!"

Rick Garrett

Local Theatre Patron